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The HAVENCE school admin system suite contains a powerful set of tools to assist you in your daily operations.


Keep track of your enrolment and prospective clients through the intuitive prospect system. Ensure that parents enquiring about you through your website, calls or advertising are recorded and available for follow-up at any moment. This way, you can stay with them every step of the way from first contact to final enrolment.


More than just a school admin system, HAVENCE goes one step beyond to bring you closer to your contacts. Build meaningful connections with your staff and parents, and keep them in the know about the latest developments. Send announcements, formal requests and surveys from the HAVENCE web or our trio of lightweight mobile applications.

Essential Tools

A school, like a company, is a finely-tuned organization with its own records and setup. In childcare, this translates to vital information like classes, courses and curriculum. HAVENCE grants you a wide range of options to set these records, allowing you to create your own classes, assign courses, create and store your curriculum.