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If profits are the lifeblood of any organization, the finances represent that company’s health. At HAVENCE we believe that an operator must have an overview of their finances at their fingertips within the system- not with a separate system and not with a complex one.

In childcare and especially preschools this holds equally true. In addition to the growth of your children we give you the power to chart your own growth. In addition to enrolling children we want you to issue and collect payments on the spot, handling what the customer needs at the moment they need with, within the system.

If you are looking for a financial management system in schools, if you want to skip the hassle of integrating a payments tracking system, or if you want to directly handle basic finances and see the change as it appears, HAVENCE provides you with the necessary features for tracking your finances.
This robust school financial management system is integrated with our other modules, and can assist in both your internal and operational needs, giving you a bird’s eye view in payment tracking and collections.


Set up your financial foundational needs with this module, including fees, presets, discounts, general ledger codes and more. The internal module will run in the background, requiring only one setup.


Digitize your payments, book-keeping and collections with this array of customer-facing features. Issue invoices, receipts and refunds, upload and generate GSII reports, export statements and view accruals here.

Export-Based Data

With the HAVENCE school financial management system you have control over your data. Our data export tools allow you to extract reports from the system to assemble or port over into your reports.